R.J.Koning Construction Consultant specializes in Forensic construction consulting including, Property safety surveys, Building Inspections, Problem analysis, Conditions Survey, Slip and Fall analysis, Dangerous Conditions, OSHA Safety Standards, Safety Handbooks, Employee Management, Code Compliance, Industry Standards, Roofing Surveys, Cost Analysis, Construction Accounting, Job Costing, Project Scheduling, Delay Damages, Wrongful Termination, and Contract Interpretations for all Construction Contractors and Trade disciplines such as Structural, Roofing, Electrical, Mechanical, Waterproofing, Plumbing, etc...
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Contractors Library specializes in construction related; Text books, Building codes, Construction standards, Estimating data, Legal publications, Contracts, Forms, Home study courses, Continuing Education and Computer software for the construction industry throughout the United States, Canada, and the America's

Koning Educational Institute offers Examination preparation courses, Certification Training and Continuing Education for: 

Construction Software and Training:
Specialized Software and Software training. Training in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Safety manuals, Forms, Employee Handbook, Information managers, Scheduling, Accounting, CAD, Management, Internet Training, Intranet Training, and Fundamentals of Construction. 

Inspectors and Code Professionals:
Examination Preparation, Training and Continuing Education for all classifications of Construction Inspectors and Code Personnel certified by the Council of American Building Officials (CABO), Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI), Uniform Code, Florida Board of Building Codes and Inspectors, and Others.

Construction Industry:
Specialized educational courses including, but not limited to; Technical Construction Training, Estimating, Job-site Safety, Design considerations, Building maintenance, Roofing installations and failures, Budgets, Legal exposures during construction, Latent defects, and Building Owners Maintenance procedures and practices for public protection.

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